Browse Our ANSI N45 Series Documents

The ANSI N45 series documents below are no longer available from ANSI, and the committees quit updating the N45.2 series in 1978. J-E-T-S Quality Consultants is making these available as free downloads for historical purposes, use or reference for facilities with older licensing bases. Some have the applicable AEC/NRC Regulatory Guide attached. Very early ones have the AEC Safety Guide. These were issued before there were guides for AEC regulations.

The following documents were scanned from our originals, but we make no claims for their accuracy, legibility, or use. These documents are also text searchable. Currently, this page is under construction, and we will continue to add additional N45 series documents until we’ve made the full set available. To download or view, click on the file below:

We continually add ANSI N45 series documents to this page. Check back soon to see our updated inventory.  You can download these documents here!

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