Commercial Grade Dedication Workshop

November 19, 2021 - Presented Online/Virtual Classroom!  

Due to COVID-19 concerns, JETS is moving this program to online!  This will be an instructor-led program accessible for anyone with a computer, Internet connection, and audio/video capabilities.   

The industry spoke, and we listened. J-E-T-S Quality Consultants’ latest program is based on feedback. Unfortunately, many organizations across various industries struggle with commercial grade dedication (CGD) and how to evaluate commercial suppliers. This one-day workshop uses the latest NRC information to lead attendees through a proven process, resulting in better understanding of commercial grade items and implementation.  Materials will be sent to attendees in advance to support the online instruction, discussion, and exercises.  

Our commercial grade dedication workshop is not a lecture-based program. Instead, it’s a workshop where attendees actively participate to find answers using references and examples built from real experience. Here is some feedback from a recent presentation:

  • “All procurement/engineering personnel should attend this.”
  • “Makes commercial grade easier to understand – thanks!”
  • “Moved quickly; covered what I needed to know – good use of time.”
  • “Nuances of commercial grade dedication made clear – I get it!”
  •  "Wow - just what I needed!  Like giving us the keys to CGD"

Our Program Outline and Suggested Attendance

This one-day program will is design to improve an understanding of CGD challenges through the following:

  • Review of commercial grade item history, nuclear industry use
  • Terminology - significant terms defined as currently interpreted
  • NRC document training for CGD, including the latest NRC information notices
  • Methods of acceptance for commercial items - including ISO-17025 and ILAC
  • Identifying and preventing suspect/counterfeit/fraudulent parts (see Bristol Alloy Letter from U.S. Navy)
  • How to survey/evaluate commercial suppliers and dedication programs
  • NUPIC/NIAP forms, checklists, and evaluation process for CGD
  • ISO-9001, ISO-17025, ILAC, and ASME interfaces with CGD

Price: $895.00. Call (704) 987-9858 to register

Or register for our online NQA-1 Basic/Lead Auditor Training and CGD Workshop Combo and save over $300.00. Both for $2,150.00 - call (704) 987-9858 for details!

Procurement engineers, auditors, managers, test lab personnel, and all staff who develop, review, or audit CGD item procurement should attend this training. On-site presentations are available - just call! Commercial grade workshop presentations should be limited to a class size of twelve. We’re capable of holding multiple presentations in a single week for larger organizations.

Ask About Our Fees & Scheduling

The fee for an onsite presentation of our commercial grade dedication workshop training is $4450.00 for the first presentation and $3950.00 for additional presentations performed in the same week. Fees include instruction, supporting student texts, handouts, exercises, and custom certificates for all who complete each program. Travel/expense billed at cost.

Call (704) 987-9858 to schedule a training session at your site. We will work with you to coordinate dates that meet your needs. Take some of the mystery out of commercial grade dedication with this fast-paced, and informative program from J-E-T-S.

Contact our J-E-T-S to learn more about the Commercial Grade dedication Workshop.   J-E-T-S proudly serves  over 100 commercial and governmental organizations in 18 countries worldwide.