NQA-1 Orientation Training 

Virtual Classroom/Online or In-Person!  

NQA-1 Orientation is a fast-paced one-day or two-day program, providing the knowledge and skills needed to understand, interpret, and apply the QA requirements of the ASME NQA-1 standard with 10CFR830 Subpart A and DOE O414.1 within the organization.  The one-day program provides and overview/orientation to NQA-1; the two-day program includes more examples, detail, and understanding of the standard and its implementation.  Through the use of workshops, discussion, and actual hands-on examples, the following topics are covered:

  • Describe and discuss background & intent of Nuclear QA Standards
    • History and development of nuclear CFRs and supporting NQA-1
    • Intent and focus of requirements and their implementation
    • Areas of common misunderstanding with lessons learned
  • Discuss responsibilities/accountability for regulation & standard compliance
  • Basic comparison of different standards, including NQA-1, 10CFR830 Subpart A, and DOE O414.1 with interfaces
    • In-depth review of NQA-1 requirements, with discussion of differences in versions
    • Interface of 10CFR830 Subpart A and DOE O414.1
    • Lessons learned implementing NQA-1 in areas like R&D or decommissioning   
  • Be able to interpret/apply nuclear QA requirements in realistic situations
    • Exercises to reinforce understanding of requirements
    • Discussion of “finer points” of compliance and understanding

Cost, Class Size, Scheduling

J-E-T-S provides materials, handouts, and instruction for presenting the one-day NQA-1 Orientation.  All personnel completing this program will also receive a customized certificate.  The fee for the one-day program is $895 per person, and the two-day program is $1250 per person, with a minimum of 6 and a maximum class size of 15.  Multiple presentations can be presented during the same week.  There is no travel/expense for domestic virtual/online programs; for in-person, travel/expense/shipping is charged per GSA.  We will gladly work with you to schedule presentations at opportune times; just call!