Value Added Auditing Training

Audience:  Managers/Practitioners of Quality Auditing

Duration:  2 days for base program; 4 days with "Learn-by-Doing" option

Objective:  Move quality auditing to the next level!  In today’s business environment, all aspects of the organization must add value to survive.  This also applies to the quality audit function.   This state-of-the-art training is designed to enhance the added value of quality audits to line management.  This program challenges personnel to consider how they can increase the value of the audit product to management. Included are:

bulletFundamentals of value added auditing
bulletAudit planning for improved value
bulletAudit performance
bulletAudit results evaluation
bulletAudit reports and presentations

J-E-T-S was the first to offer Value-Added Audit Training in 1995.  We have improved and refined the program continually since then, learning from our experience, our customers, and worldwide audit experiences.  This program can dramatically change the perception of an audit program, both by line management and by the auditors!  A "Learn-by-Doing" option is available; this facilitates learning by actually planning, performing, analyzing, and reporting an audit as part of the training.

Recent feedback from attendees:  "I've been auditing for 25 years and I am amazed at how this training opened my eyes to a new, better way.   Thanks!" 

Cost: $6950; Learn by Doing Option: add $4950

For more information or to schedule this training on-site at your facility, call now: (704) 987-9858.

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