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J-E-T-S training is state-of-the-art!  Our training specialties match our  expertise:   Audit/Assessment, Codes & Standards, Process Improvement, 10CFR830, 10CFR50, IAEA, NQA-1, ISO 9000, and Employee Concerns.
J-E-T-S provides expert assistance for client audits and assessments, including team leaders, technical specialists, mentors, and technical writers.
ISO 9000
J-E-T-S can help your company with ISO 9000 implementation.  We specialize in assisting small to mid-size organizations seeking ISO certification.
Employee Concerns
J-E-T-S has a proven record in development, assessment, mentoring, and confidential independent employee concern investigation.

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J-E-T-S celebrates over 30 years of service excellence in 2017!               Phone:  704-987-9858
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