J-E-T-S consultants are recognized as experts in their specific disciplines. We can provide qualified personnel for a variety of needs, including management, training, administration, operations, advanced manufacturing, processing, and customer service environments. Personnel are available with almost any certification that may be required, including:

bulletLevel III (per NQA-1 or TC-1-A)
bulletLead Auditor (ISO/RAB, ANSI N45.2.23, NQA-1, DOE/RW-0333P)
bulletCertified Quality Manager, Auditor, or Engineer (ASQ)
bulletCertified Arbitrator (Better Business Bureau)
bulletOSHA Certified Trainer
bulletProfessional Engineer; and others.

J-E-T-S also has personnel with a variety of security and access clearances - please call for details. 

J-E-T-S operates as a corporation, with no foreign ownership, control, or influence.

J-E-T-S has approved Fitness for Duty, Psychological Screening, and Continuous Behavioral Observation procedures for application where required. Call us for details.

Recognition for J-E-T-S Personnel Expertise:

bulletListed in The ISO-9000 Handbook as consulting and training resource for ISO-9000
bulletSelected as quality training resource for ISO-9000 at Washington State University
bulletFeatured Speakers at Rocky Mountain Quality Conferences
bulletReEngineering: Who, What, When, How, and How Much, Quality Management Forum
bulletThe Devil's in the Details, Quality Management Forum
bulletGuest lecturer in Quality Assurance at University of North Carolina at Charlotte
bulletSelected to represent USA for International Atomic Energy Agency Quality Programs
bulletKeynote Speaker at USDOE Quality Assurance Conference
bulletFeatured Speakers at ASQ and Edison Electric Institute Energy & Environmental Conferences
bulletSelected as Nuclear Safety Experts for International Chernobyl Study Group.
bulletParticipated in DOE-EH Technical Assistance/Mentoring Program
bulletAuthors of many root cause analysis reports & QA-related articles
bulletSpeakers at recent Nuclear Oversight Conferences in US and Canada
bulletFeatured Speakers at 3 recent National ASQ Quality Auditing Conferences

For more information or to discuss a specific need with one of our experts, call now::  (704) 987-9858.


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