Problem Development Workshop

The industry spoke and we listened!  J-E-T-S latest program is based on feedback from nuclear site managers worldwide.  All agree that oversight personnel can improve their ability to investigate, develop, and prepare problem statements!  This one-day workshop uses realistic examples to lead attendees through a proven process that results in meaningful and value-added problem statements. 

A problem well described is already half corrected! 

Anyone who enters items into the corrective action system will benefit from this training!   This program improves corrective action effectiveness by improving the front end - how the problem is described.  GIGO means "Garbage In - Garbage Out" - that is true for corrective action systems too!  Make your corrective action system more effective with this great workshop - it will make a difference!

Feedback from recent workshops:

- This information was most beneficial to my job - excellent.

- Great course - thanks!  Provided needed insights on improving the quality of my work. 

- Meaningful, well-paced, and of real value to where we are.

- Got us all on the same page - maybe for the first time!

- Best program I have taken in the audit world.  It was focused on one area and provided real life example that were relevant. 

Duration:  1 day

Maximum class size:  12 (6-9 optimal)

Cost:  $4450 for first presentation, $3950 for additional workshops during the same week.

For more information or to schedule this training on-site at your facility, call now: (704) 987-9858.

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