Performance-Based Auditing & Surveillance

Audience:  Commercial Nuclear Utility audit and surveillance personnel

Duration:  2 1/2 days -- base program; 4 1/2 days with Learn by Doing option

Objective: Improve quality surveillance and audit programs by making them more performance-based. Performance-based programs are designed and managed to make a real difference in the organization’s facility safety, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Attendees learn the concepts and state-of-the-art techniques needed to conduct assessments in a performance-based manner. This program does not encourage a radical departure from most existing audit/surveillance programs; it is, instead, a refinement in the attitude and direction taken during planning, performance, analysis, and reporting of all types of QA audits or surveillances.

Cost: $7950, base program

    plus $3950, Learn by Doing Option

    plus $1100, Site Customization Option

    plus $3450 Management Overview Option

For more information or to schedule this training on-site at your facility, call (704) 987-9858

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