NUREG-1055 - Improving QA in Nuclear Design & Construction

This important document was assembled by the NRC in 1987 as a report to Congress to study and document problems that plagued the US nuclear construction industry in the 1970s and 1980s.  This document is available on the NRC website, but only as an image file, and is very large and difficult to manage.  This version is in Microsoft Word, is a much smaller file size, and is text-searchable!  

J-E-T-S is providing this as a free download to encourage those interested or involved in new nuclear construction to learn from the past.  The OCR process we used is not 100% accurate, and there are a few "misses" here and there, but we are confident readers will find this information useful!

NUREG-1055 is over 500 pages long, so reading the entire document takes a while and may not be very productive to everyone.  However, the Overview (pages 9-12), and the Summary in section 2-1 (pages 40-51), and the individual plant case studies in Appendix A (pages 246-287) are of particular interest.  Personnel involved in specific areas like procurement, contracts, design, supplier quality, and others should review the table of contents for areas in NUREG-1055 that address areas of particular interest. 

You can download or read the document by clicking on the link below:


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