ISO-9001 Assistance

J-E-T-S is uniquely qualified in assisting small and medium size organizations in developing or improving quality programs leading to ISO9001 certification requirements. Our strategy is simple; when you succeed, we succeed. Therefore, we will work with you to build a program that is very workable, sensible, and fits your need to provide quality service to your clients. 

J-E-T-S can assist in development, review, and/or revision of your quality program. This revised plan will be based on your methods of doing business and will be consistent with ISO standards. We will work to ensure the program fits both your business needs and the audit and certification requirements of your clients. The expected level of effort for this work varies with the size of the organization and the current quality program status.  However, many companies are surprised at what they already have that can be used to fulfill the ISO requirements.

We will work with you to ensure your program passes appropriate audits. However, it is important to understand that the program is yours, not ours. We’ll help, but you are responsible and must implement the program. The main areas that typically require work are:

bulletDocument control; procurement/contract documents, etc.
bulletProcedure control; acceptance criteria, inspection procedures
bulletQualification and training; documented assurance of personnel capability
bulletWork control; use of procedures including level of detail; operator aids

We will work with you to build on the work already done in your program. There is no need to start over or repeat anything already in place. We encourage clients to take as much credit as possible for existing methods and systems and not commit to work that does not add value. Our focus will be to build a simple, understandable quality system that reflects how you want to do business. We can also help you through your ISO-9001 certification audit if you wish.

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