Internal Audit Assistance/Outsourcing for ISO-9000

Many companies that are seeking or have achieved ISO/QS-9000 certification struggle with the required internal auditing. Poor internal audits are a major contributor to companies failing recertification and maintenance surveys from ISO registrars. This is particularly true for small and medium size organizations. The typical problems may be any of the following:

bulletThere is no one independent enough of the process to audit it.
bulletAudits take too much time and too many staff resources.
bulletPersonnel in the company do not have the skills to make audits value-added.
bulletSome processes are specialized and require special technical audit capabilities or knowledge.

To answer these issues, J-E-T-S offers assistance and/or outsourcing of your internal audits. We offer a broad base of auditing support, from a single, specialized audit to performing all your internal audits. Our auditors average over 20 years experience; many are nationally recognized experts! We perform value-added, technically sound audits that will help you improve processes and customer satisfaction, all while ensuring compliance with the ISO standards. Consider the following example:

A small company (25 employees) received ISO certification in late 1998. The certification process was a major effort for the staff, and all were looking forward to some "breathing room" after certification. However, certification brought additional customers, more work, and the breathing room was quickly consumed. And now, internal audits had to be performed according to the schedule. Before long, the audits were behind schedule. In addition, the audits being performed were shallow and of little actual benefit or use to management.

The company owners recognized the situation, their vulnerability, and called J-E-T-S for assistance. J-E-T-S took over the company’s internal audits. From that point on, all audits were completed on time, with professional, value-added results. During the company’s ISO maintenance survey in November 1999, the ISO auditor specifically complemented the quality and usefulness of the company’s internal audits. The company passed the recertification survey without a single nonconformance or negative comment.

J-E-T-S can help your company achieve the same results as the company above! Our expertise includes quality, industrial safety, and environmental auditing, so we can also assist in those difficult QS-9000, ISO-9000-2000, or Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS) integrated programs.

Give us call! We will be happy to discuss how J-E-T-S can work with you to meet your quality systemís internal audit objectives. We also provide audit training, mentoring, and other quality program assistance. To discuss any of these services, call (704) 987-9858.

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