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Articles/Information of Interest

Here are some articles published by J-E-T-S consultants and others that may be of interest to quality professionals or others attempting to improve individual or organizational quality.  Note:  These articles are presented for your personal use only.   Do not reproduce, revise, or distribute these articles without permission of J-E-T-S!

NRC Approval Letters for ISO-17025 Commercial Grade Calibration Suppliers:

bullet A2LA and NVLAP
bullet PJLA  

[New!]NUREG-1055, Improving Quality of Nuclear Design & Construction  

Value Added Auditing, by John H. Johnson

The Devil's in the Details, by E. D. Johnson

The Auditor as a Paladin, by Wayne C. Olsen

ReEngineering, Who, What, When, How, and How Much? by E. D. Johnson

Performance-Based Auditing/Assessment, by John H. Johnson

NUREG-5151, Performance-Based Inspections, (not on NRC web site!)

Assurance of Quality, SECY-87-220, N

DOE RW-0333P (QARD)C Policy on Quality Assurance - Good stuff for auditors and management personnel to know!

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