ANSI N45 Series Documents - Free Download!

These documents are no longer available from ANSI, and the committees quit updating the N45.2 series in 1978.  J-E-T-S is making these available as free downloads for historical purposes or for use/reference for facilities with older licensing basis.  Some have the applicable AEC/NRC Regulatory Guide attached.  Very early ones have the AEC Safety Guide - issued before there were Regulatory Guides! 

These were scanned from our originals, but we make no claims for their legibility, accuracy, or use.  These documents are also text-searchable!  This page is under construction and we will add more of the N45 series documents until we have the full set available - please be patient! 

To download or view, simply click on the file below:

ANSI N45.2-1977, QA Program Requirements 

ANSI N45.2.6-78, Qualification of Inspection & Test Personnel

ANSI N45.2.9-74, QA Records

ANSI N45.2.10-73, Terms & Definitions

ANSI N45.2.11-74, Design Control

ANSI N45.2.12-77, Audits

ANSI N45.2.13-76, Procurement

ANSI N45.2.23-78, Qualification of Audit Personnel

ANSI N45.2.1-73, Fluid Systems Cleaning

ANSI N45.2.2-72, Receipt, Storage, Packaging, etc.

ANSI N45.2.3-73, Housekeeping

ANSI N45.2.4-72, Instrumentation & Electrical

ANSI N45.2.5-74, Concrete and Steel 

NRC Safety Guide 1.28-1972

NRC Regulatory Guide 1.28 R1-1978

NRC Regulatory Guide 1.28 R3-1985

NRC Regulatory Guide 1.28 R4-2010

NRC Regulatory Guide 1.33 Operations R2

NRC Regulatory Guide 1.33 Operations R3

NRC Basis for Withdrawing Regulatory Guides - 2010

More to come - check back often! 

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