Suspect/Counterfeit & Fraudulent Parts Awareness

Suspect and counterfeit parts have plagued industry for several years. Numerous recent articles have documented accidents and injuries that result from substandard fasteners. The installation of a substandard fastener can render a component inoperable or have a significant impact on facility safety and reliability.

The good news is that it is fairly easy to prevent fraudulent or suspect/counterfeit (S/C) parts from being installed! The key to preventing introduction of S/C parts is simply having people look for them and exclude the S/C parts when found. However, in order to find something, you have to know what to look for...

J-E-T-S developed this training to address the need to quickly raise awareness to suspect/counterfeit parts, especially fasteners, in the workplace. This program requires only about two to four hours to complete (depending on facility size), yet includes the following:

    bulletReview of suspect/counterfeit parts history
    bulletDiscussion of how to identify S/C parts
    bulletLessons learned in identifying and eliminating S/C parts
    bulletRegulatory issues relevant
    bullet"Hands on" use of actual examples
    bulletOptional walkdown exercise in facility to identify S/C parts

This program includes a training booklet for each attendee with copies of presentation items, regulatory information, and other information of value to personnel is identification of S/C parts.

The "hands on" approach to this training, with actual examples of S/C parts and an optional facility walkdown, really heightens the awareness and motivates personnel to identify these substandard fasteners. Due to the "hands on" approach, class size should be limited to 20; ideal class size is 6 to 10. Several programs can be presented in one day if needed to cover multi-shift operations.

The price for this training is $4450 for the first presentation, with additional presentations (within one day) discounted to $3950. Travel expense are extra and charged at cost.

To discuss or schedule this valuable training, just call (704) 987-9858 or e-mail to . We look forward to helping you improve awareness of your personnel to help eliminate substandard parts from your operation!

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