Root Cause Analysis Training

This two-day program will use proven methods to help attendees understand and use tools for determining causes of issues and events.  Root Cause Training uses lessons learned from INPO human performance studies and INPO and DOE cause codes as part of the training.  Through discussion and realistic exercises, this  great program covers the following:

1. Introduction to causal analysis
* How it works

* Examples of when and why to do it

2. Basic causal investigation steps:
* Collecting data
* Defining scope and level of investigation
* Identifying problems
* Finding contributors
* Analyzing initial causal factors
* Determining root cause(s)

3. Types of causal tools and when to use them
* Barrier analysis
* Change analysis
* Event Charting & Causal Tree diagrams
* Why Tree
* Human Error Investigation

4. Developing and evaluating solutions

5. Summary and conclusion

Duration:  2 days

Cost:  $6950 for turnkey on-site presentation + instructor travel

Class size:  Up to 12; 4-8 is optimal.  Call us for on-site presentation at your location! (704) 987-9858

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For more information, call us at (704) 987-9858, or send your request (including a contact phone number) by e-mail to: Help@J-E-T-S

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