Auditor Training Programs

[New!]Nuclear Assessor Training - now available - call to schedule! 

Advanced Nuclear Audit TrainingTaking nuclear audits to the next level!  Call now for scheduling!

J-E-T-S has recently developed and/or instructed the following nuclear client programs:

bullet10CFR830.120 Orientation for DOE and Contractors
bulletCommercial Grade Dedication Workshop
bulletSelf-Assessment Training, Many DOE nuclear facilities
bulletInspecting for Performance, NRC Performance-Based Inspection training (original development)
bullet Lead Auditor Training, Over 100 locations - Utilities, DOE/contactors, GE, Wesiinghouse, etc. 
bulletValue Added Auditing, Nuclear and non-nuclear clients have benefited from this!
bulletPerformance Assessor Training, many utilities!
bulletSuspect/Counterfeit Parts Identification & Resolution, DOE, Utilities, contractors
bulletInvestigating Employee Concerns, DOE, contractors, utilities 
bulletManagement & Independent Assessment for DOE and Contractors
bulletPerformance-Based Independent Assessment, DOE
bulletConduct of Operations for DOE Nuclear Facilities, DOE, Contractors

J-E-T-S offers the following programs tailored to nuclear industry clients:

bulletBasic/Lead Auditor Training
bulletPreventing "Chilling Effect" -- Supervision Interaction Skills
bulletValue Added Auditing
bulletEffective Communications for Auditors & Assessors
bulletPerformance-Based Auditing & Surveillance
bulletImproving Observation Techniques
bulletSelf-Assessment Training for Managers and Self-Assessment Leaders
bulletSelf-Assessment Training for Workers and Supervisors
bulletPerformance-Based Assessment
bulletAdvanced Assessment Training
bulletAssessment Training for Technical Specialists
bulletUnderstanding 10 CFR 21, Reporting of Defects and Noncompliances
bulletSuspect & Counterfeit Parts Identification
bulletRegulatory and Code Training
bulletInvestigating Employee Concerns
bulletAdvanced Employee Concern Investigation
bulletSupervisory Listening Skills
bulletAchieving Continuous Improvement
bulletEmployee Concern Program Assessment
bulletPerformance-Based Management Overview
bulletHazard Communication
bulletConfined Space Entry

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