NQA-1 Supplier Audit/Surveillance Training  

Background & Introduction

J-E-T-S has encouraged the use of highly qualified, technically knowledgeable personnel during supplier audits, surveillances, and inspections.  Effective use of highly qualified personnel can substantially enhance the value of Supplier audits and surveillances.  However, to ensure this value, Supplier verification personnel must be knowledgeable of requirements, intent, and expectations of nuclear QA programs.  The problem is in providing useful and timely training to supplier audit personnel.  The training required is broad-based, but must also be detailed, efficient, and not boring!  In response to this need, J-E-T-S has developed Supplier Audit & Surveillance Training.  This four-day, "hands on" program provides tools needed to plan and perform performance-based Supplier audits and surveillances and inspections, consistent with NQA-1 and/or ANSI N45.2.12 & N45.2.23.  This program meets NQA-1 and ANSI N45.2.12 Lead Auditor training requirements and includes a written exam. 

 Program Outline

Supplier Surveillance/Inspection Training is a fast-paced four day program, providing the knowledge and skills needed to successfully fulfill the supplier audit and surveillance objectives, consistent with ISO-9000, NQA-1, ANSI N45.2.12, and/or ANSI N45.2.23.  Using workshops, discussion, and many hands-on examples, the following topics are covered:

1.  Introduction to Supplier Audit/Surveillance

        A.  QA Fundamentals 

        B.  Supplier Audit/Surveillance Responsibilities/Limitations

        C.  Third-party interface including ISO-9001 and NUPIC

        D.  Commercial-Grade surveys and dedication programs

2.  Preparation/Coordination/Review

        A.  Approved Supplier Lists (ASL) 

        B.  Purchase Orders, Contracts, and Interface agreements 

        C.  Regulations, Codes, and Standards 

        D.  Unique Quality Requirements 

        E.  Conflicts, Nonconformances, and Resolutions

3.  Technical Observations and Reviews

A.  Engineering & QA Interface

        B.  Manufacturing and Special Processes

        C.  Pre-Inspection Coordination

4.      Testing Processes/Hold or Witness Points

        A.  Dimensional Inspection 

        B.  Nondestructive Examination 

        C.  Mechanical and Chemical Testing 

        D.  Electrical Testing and Inspection

5.  Personnel Qualification & Certification

        A.  Use of Technical Specialists 

        B.  Supplier Audit/Surveillance Qualifications

6.      In-Process and Final Inspections

        A.  Equipment Calibration

        B.  In-Process Testing & Documentation 

        C.  In-Process Feedback and Reporting 

        D.  Developing Problem Statements

        E.  Suspect/Counterfeit/Fraudulent Parts

7.      Reports & Documentation

        A.  Preparing Reports 

        B.  Presenting Audit/Surveillance Results


This training can prepare personnel involved with Supplier audits or surveillances to effectively meet the challenges of evaluating supplier performance and providing useful feedback.  Your payment includes instruction, materials, exam, and a customized completion certificate for all who successfully complete the program.  Feedback from those who attend is always excellent for this program - the "hands on" exercises are what makes it special and memorable.

On site presentation for this great 4-day program at your location is available for $11950 plus travel/expense.  Call now for scheduling!

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