J-E-T-S, Inc.

Mission Statement

J-E-T-S is a small group of experts providing quality consulting, training, and assessment services to government and industry. Our objective is to work in partnership with our clients to improve individual and organizational quality, efficiency, safety, and reliability.

This partnership is based on mutual trust and our commitment to listen to clients and understand their needs. J-E-T-S provides services that are carefully crafted to work in the client environment.

We do not wish to be everything to everybody; instead, we prefer to be very good at specific topics. We constantly work to develop and utilize new technologies, concepts, and strategies that will benefit our clients and maintain our leadership in the quality consulting arena.

For more information, e-mail: john@jetsquality.com or call now: (704) 987-9858.

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J-E-T-S celebrates over 30 years of service excellence in 2018!               Phone:  704-987-9858
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