ISO-9001 Internal Audit Training

This fast-paced program prepares personnel to plan, perform, and report results of internal audits under the ISO9001 standard.  This is not an old, warmed-over program; it uses state-of-the-art approaches to auditing and training. Using J-E-T-S POUR© process for managing audits, this program includes workshops, discussion, and examples, covering the following topics:

1. Audit/Assessment Requirements, Fundamentals, and Methods

2. Audit Planning (P-Plan)

3. Audit Performance (O-Observe)

4. Audit Analysis and Evaluation (U-Understand)

5. Reports (R-Report)

This training can prepare Auditors to effectively meet the challenges of performing ISO-9001 internal  audits and providing useful feedback to improve customer satisfaction and product/service quality. 

Duration:  1 day

Cost:  $4450 for up to 12 attending.  Travel/expense to support billed at cost. 

Feedback from recent attendees:  "I had audit training before, but only NOW do I know how to really meet ISO-9000 audit expectations.  Excellent program!

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