Audit & Assessment Assistance

Is your quality program "hitting the mark?" J-E-T-S' expert consultants can provide an objective, independent assessment of your program to determine if requirements and expectations are being fulfilled.

Types of audit and assessment support include:

bulletInternal Audit Assistance/Outsourcing for ISO-9001
bulletAudit Training Programs
bulletAssessment Checklists and Guides
bulletPerformance-Based Audits or Assessments
bulletISO-9001, NQA-1, 10CFR50 Ap. B, 10CFR830.120, or DOE/RW-0333P
bulletIndependent Employee Concern Investigation
bulletProgram/Procedure Assessment
bulletDocumentation Assessment
bulletIndependent Engineering Reviews
bulletEmployee Opinion Surveys
bullet"Best Practice" Identification

We can also provide mentoring or other assistance to your audit or assessment teams to ensure a value-added, professional, and efficient effort.  If you would like to discuss how we can help, call (704) 987-9858 or e-mail: 

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