Management & Independent Assessment for DOE Applications

J-E-T-S is pleased to announce a new, innovative training program for organizations performing work under DOE O 414.1 or 10CFR830.120-122.  Management & Independent Assessment is designed for presentation to management personnel to meet some very challenging objectives:


Show how in-depth, critical self-assessment programs benefit management


Help managers understand requirements and implementation for independent and management assessments


Show relationships & interfaces in self-assessment, management assessment, and independent assessment


Provide guidance and lessons learned for planning, performing, reporting, and follow-up for assessments


Demonstrate how various assessments are integrated to reduce redundancy


Build ownership in assessments with program and facility managers 

Using our experience in presenting assessment training at over 50 nuclear power plants and many DOE facilities, this program has been presented at DOE sites with excellent feedback from attendees: 

“Very informative – I know understand ‘why’ we do assessments and how to do them correctly”

“The information was very relevant and I’ll be able to use it immediately”

“Excellent course; good ideas for use, practical value and helps identify pitfalls for assessors”

“The best training I have had”

“Great course!   I was skeptical, but it was well worth this manager’s time and effort”

“This training should be mandatory for senior managers and everyone performing assessments”

“Training clarified my role in assessments as a manager.  I’d almost say it was an epiphany”

Course Outline
The program duration is two days.  The course is designed to challenge and elevate the thought process of managers at DOE facilities to see assessments as value-added, rather than a necessary “pain in the neck.”  The objectives of the program include improving skills in analyzing facility performance, identifying safety and reliability problems and their precursors, and delivering a measurable value through management and independent assessments.  The training covers the following topics through discussion, real world examples, video playback and analysis, and realistic exercises:

 1.      Understanding assessment requirements of O414.1/10CFR830.120, and the intent behind them

2.      Self-Assessment Programs – What, Why, and How?

3.      Fundamentals of DOE Assessment

4.      Performance-Based Assessment Methods

5.      Analyzing/reporting issues to identify real problems, impact/extent

6.      Moving Management Assessments to a Higher Level

7.      Conclusion and Exam

Fee Schedule

Presentation of one program on-site (2 days, max. 15 attendees)     $6950

Exam option (unique exam prepared for each presentation):              $400
In addition, J-E-T-S will bill for actual in­structor travel expenses/shipping

Call 800-944-1994 now to schedule this exciting new program and help improve the value and effectiveness of your Management & Independent Assessments! 


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