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NQA-1 Lead Auditor Training

3-Day Program w/exam - November 13-15, 2018

Commercial Grade Dedication Workshop follows!

Meets NQA-1, ANSI N45.2.12/23 Lead Auditor training requirements; consistent with INPO's Systematic Approach to Training.  This program will be presented at the exclusive and exciting Speedway Club at Charlotte Motor Speedway - Charlotte, North Carolina. 

J-E-T-S wrote the book on performance-based audits and continues to refine and improve approaches to ensure audits improve safety and reliability while adding value.  Developed for new and experienced auditors, this program provides attendees with the tools needed to manage the planning,  performance and reporting of audits in nuclear facilities and meet requirements for Lead Auditor training in NQA-1 and ANSI N45.2.23/N45.2.12.  A proctored and graded written exam follows the training.  This program is THE industry standard for nuclear auditor training; it has been presented at over 100 locations worldwide. 

Basic/Lead Auditor training is fast-paced, providing knowledge and skills needed to successfully fulfill lead auditor duties, consistent with NQA-1, ANSI N45.2.12, and ANSI N45.2.23 requirements.  This is not an old, warmed-over program; it uses state-of-the-art approaches to auditing and training. Using J-E-T-S POUR™ process for managing audits, this program includes workshops, discussion, and examples, covering the following topics:

1. Audit/Assessment Requirements, Fundamentals, and Methods

2. Audit Planning (P-Plan)

3. Audit Performance (O-Observe)

4. Audit Analysis and Evaluation (U-Understand)

5. Reports (R-Report)

6. Written, closed-book exam at end of program

This training can prepare Auditors to meet the challenges of performing and leading a performance-based nuclear audit and providing useful and value-added feedback to line management.  Price of $1595 includes instruction, materials, written exam, and certificate. 

Feedback from previous programs:

-  Absolutely fabulous - great training with wonderful reminders and hints.

-  One of the best classes I have attended in my 30+ years in the industry.

-  Absolutely the best training class I've participated in.

-  Although I felt I had a good knowledge of NQA-1 , I learned a lot!

- Each and every course I have received from J-E-T-S over the years has been a great help in advancing my ability as an auditor.  Thanks!


Register for NQA-1 Lead Auditor Training: 

November 13-15

Commercial Grade Dedication Workshop
November 16, 2018 - $895 - Follows Lead Auditor training in Charlotte! 
Get your Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) program in line with the latest NRC/DOE information and industry best practices!  Fast-paced 1 day "hands on" program using the latest and current examples and exercises, including:

 1.                  Review of commercial grade item history, nuclear industry use          

2.                  Terminology - significant terms defined as currently interpreted

3.                  NRC & industry documents for CGD, including the newest NRC Information!

4.                  Methods to accept commercial items, including preventing suspect/counterfeit parts 

5.                  How to survey/audit commercial suppliers and dedication programs

6.                  NUPIC forms and checklists and NUPIC evaluations for CGD

7.                  ISO-9001, ISO-17025, EPRI, ILAC, and ASME interfaces with CGD

8.         Recent weaknesses in CGD programs and solutions

Recent feedback from Commercial Grade Dedication Workshop:


Excellent - Very applicable to job responsibilities in procurement engineering


Great job!  Instructor was relaxed, friendly, competent, knowledgeable, professional


I attended a 5-day CGD program last year, but got more info from this in one day! 


I thought I knew it all about dedication, but learned a LOT here! 

 To register, just call (704) 987-9858 or click below:

Or register for NQA-1 Basic/Lead Auditor Training and CGD Workshop COMBO and save over $300!  Both for $2150.

Nuclear QA Codes & Standards Training
- November 13-14, 2018   New!  Developed to help those new to the nuclear industry, or those returning to understand the unique aspects of nuclear QA!  This 1.5 day program will teach you to speak nuke - with both an NRC and a DOE accent!  Learn about 10CFR50, 10CFR21, 10CFR830.120, ANSI 45.2, and how NQA-1 fits into it all.  Note NRC Regulatory Guide 1.28 has been revised!  Click on the link at the upper left for more info, or go to RG1.28R4.

Register Now - $995 Call 704-987-9858 or click below:

ANSI N45.2 Codes & Standards Training:  We also offer a special program for N45.2 series environments - most people (even those committed to N45.2 & the daughter standards) have not reviewed those standards in depth recently and are not aware of requirements - if you are N45.2, you NEED this program! 

JETS Codes & Standards Training uses a mix of discussion and realistic exercises to lead those attending through both DOE and NRC regulations in a logical and understandable way.  Call us now to schedule this excellent program on-site at your location! 


Nuclear Assessor Training   - Call for Schedule 


This new program is aimed at Rotational/Assessment personnel working in the operating nuclear environment. This 2 ½ day program will help prepare Assessment personnel to plan, perform, and report assessments consistent with current industry trends and NIEP criteria. As the leading provider of nuclear oversight/audit/codes training, we have worked to ensure this program includes exercises, videos, and many examples to reinforce Assessor learning, such as:
* Evolving Assessment Program Fundamentals – NIEP Criteria for Audits vs. Assessments
* Review of INPO Performance Objectives and applicable regulations
* Selecting Work to Assess and Assessment Strategies
* Developing Assessment Plans
* Observing Work Lessons Learned and Exercises
* Interviewing Skills Lessons Learned
* Analyzing Performance and Human Error Investigation
* Developing Problem Statements (Issues, Insights, Impacts)
* Writing Assessment Reports
* Debriefing Counterparts
Assessors get the training they need! Call (704) 987-9858 now 

Nuclear Problem Development Workshop  A newly-updated program developed in response to industry needs!  This one-day or 1.5 day workshop helps attendees improve their ability to investigate, develop, and prepare meaningful and value-added problem statements.  A problem well described is already half corrected!

Improve the effectiveness of your corrective action system - output is dependent on input - fix the front end first!!

This program uses a mix of discussion and realistic exercises to lead attendees through a process that will help them better describe problems in a way that will enable timely and effective corrective action.  Call us now to schedule this excellent program on-site at your location! 


New!  NNSA NAP-24A Training!

New!  ANSI N45.2 Series available for free download!

New!  NUREG-1055 in Word!

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For more information on any of our programs, call 704-987-9858, or e-mail your request to: Signup Now 

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